The "quality is our life" runs through every second of the company's life and every step of its growth. From seed production, inspection, processing, transportation, sales, after-sales service and a series of production and operation links, all staff firmly establish quality awareness, strictly abide by the operating procedures, from beginning to end, the quality of products is the first priority.

Standardization of seed production

After many years of seed production, the company has a hard-working, quality awareness, high-tech seed production team. ? After years of accumulation and exploration, the company has formulated various seed production regulations, Seed production is institutionalized, standardized and streamlined.

Wet seed treatment

In CNUS, all seeds have been treated innocuous. During seed production, sweet pepper seeds must be treated by TSP, tomato seeds must be treated by NaClO + HCI and melon seeds must be treated by Tsunami 100. Strict and scientific seed treatment technology ensures that the seeds provided do not carry seed-borne diseases.

Seed processing

"we promise good quality of every seed." Every seed must be selected and handpicked by advanced equipment. We try our best to ensure that every seed can germinate, and at the same time, we should strive to achieve uniform germination. ? The company has a first-class mechanized and standardized vegetable seed processing production line, which integrates drying, selection, grading, coating and packaging. All the products are well packaged.