Research & Development

Research is the heart of CNUS SEED and its future. The company invests more than 10% of its annual seed revenue to improve fruits and vegetables in years. 
Plant Breeding --------- The basics for developing new varieties.
CUNS breeders make thousands of crosses among the various genetic materials each year trying to come up with the best combination of traits. These thousands of combinations are then tested and evaluated for many years until the best variety is discovered.  
Germplasm Development ------- The source for new traits
CUNS breeders have wide spectrum collections of the wild relatives of cultivated vegetables, which are identified via the latest techniques and integrated into the current varieties.  
Pathology-------- Fighting the plant diseases
CUNS pathologists are specialists in dealing with viral, bacterial, fungal, nematode types of diseases, which lead us on the development of new disease-resistant vegetable varieties. That in turn reduce the use of chemicals, thus reduce costs and impacts on the environments.   
Vegetable Quality Research-- Better flavor and nutrition
We also have research team whose job is to analyze components in fruits and vegetables that affect processing characteristics, nutritional content, flavor, and texture. This leads to the development of varieties with improved flavor and nutrient levels for consumers.  
Biotechnology -- Molecular mark assisted breeding
Biotechnology allows us to identify and transfer specific traits from various related or even unrelated species into our current varieties to accomplish specific goals, which opened a world of possibilities in variety improvement to meet needs of fast growing worldwide population.